Acrylic Painting: Momo Hut

Momo hut near Wireless, Guwahati
Camel Artists Acrylics on handmade paper
11X 14 inchs.

So here it is...a Momo(Dimsums)/fast food outlet which is situated just a few block away from my home. It is a fast food outlet, a small shop that sells traditional Indian and Chinese food. Yeah no people outside..cause they are cooking for me. And yes I have tried to paint it as it is. I know the name TONDOOR should be TANDOOR but I have painted that just like the original one.

On  serious note, this is an evening scene. Everyday I cross paths with this beautiful place and I must admit I am tempted to paint this scene. From morning till night this outlet caters to the needs of hundreds of people who likes Indian and Chinese fast food. At first I found it very difficult to paint it since I chose a night scene instead of a day time scene. After I painted this scene I showed it to one of my dear friend and he told me that this painting as something in common with a few paintings of Edward Hopper. I never knew I had something similar to the paintings of the great Edward Hopper. So, I checked his artworks and I was literally blown away by his night scenes. He is one of my very favourite painter till date. Thank you very much to my dear friend Ramkrishna Paul for showing me the works of the great Edward Hopper.