Sunset at the Puri beach

Sunset at the Puri beach
12 inch X 16.5 inch
 on Canson montval

Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits in watercolor

Tribute to a living legend
Mark Knopfler in watercolour

watercolor on handmade paper
34cm X 27 cm

Staithes watercolor challenge

Staithes watercolour......January 2012 Wetcanvas watercolour challange
Camel artist watercolour on handmade paper..
34cm X 27cm

This is another watercolor challenge I did in Wetcanvas. Really had a great time doing this specially since this place is an artists' paradise. I have happy with the output.

A Nishi tribal village watercolor

A house of the Nyishi tribe in Arunachal Pradesh
Camel Artist watercolour on handmade paper
34cm X 27cm

This is my first attempt to do a watercolor featuring the Nishi tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. The Nyishi or Nishi people, principaly found in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. They are also called "Nyashang", meaning 'people of the land or the human being', by people belonging to Kurung Kumey district. They inhabit the Papum PareEast Kameng, Lower SubansiriKurung Kumey, parts of Upper Subansiri districts of Arunachal Pradesh, as well as the Sonitpur District and North Lakhimpur district of Assam.

A watercolor challenge

MacDonald River watercolour.
Camel artist watercolour on handmade paper..
34cm X 27cm

Sharing with you all a challenge that I took part in This is a watercolor challenge of the MacDonald River......I enjoyed doing this challenge as watercolor is a very hard medium to work with. Sharing with you all the original photo and my work.

Near Shillong Polo Ground

"Near Shillong Polo ground"
34cm X 27cm

Well I almost forgot to update the blog....sorry for is an artwork I did a few months back. This work was done from a photograph taken by my father when we visited Shillong about 10 years ago. Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya, also known as the Scotland of the East, situated on the northeastern part of India. Beautiful place, beautiful people, beautiful culture :).

Oranges...stilllife in watercolor

Oranges (stilllife from life)
Camel Artist Watercolour on Canson
30cm X 25cm


One of my most favorite fruit and now I am doing my first still life in watercolor...It really feels awesome. I am still having a lot of problems dealing with this medium but this one seems to come out nicely. Please enjoy.