Landscape in soft pastels 3

3rd landscape in soft pastels

Mungyo gallery semi hard pastels, Conte carre landscape hard pastels, Mungyo Artist's soft pastels and Koh-I-NOOR hardtmuth Artist's dry chalk

Canson white pastel paper

Trying a difficult composition this time. Lots of foliage in the foreground...first finished off the composition with Mungyo semi hard pastels....blocking in the white paper with dark colours.....I gave the sky a white light pinkish feel to suggest a early morning scene.....the sprayed fixative over it to fix the first layer. Started working on the second layer with soft pastels and did the details o the third layer using Conte carre hard pastels. Love the the pastels...and really enjoyed doing this composition. Still a work in progress.

Landscape in soft pastels 2

Landscape in soft pastel (my second landscape in soft pastels)

Mungyo soft pastels and Camel soft pastels on Canson pastel

After so much encouragements received from some of the best soft pastel painters here in facebook I have decided to try my hands on this second one. I had no idea how to go about it but I let my instincts play its part. I started blocking the white paper with background dark colours which ultimately served as an underpainting. Later I started out with the details. I did not use semi hard pastels for the underpainting and that is why I am not very sure if the soft pastel would hold on to the paper without a fixative. Need to work with layers and see what rewards the final look of this painting brings me.