War pen sketch 1

"Battleship Tirpitz , jetties and the Norwegian fiord"
34.7 X 27.5 cm
Marker Pen on Ivory paper
Here is another of my war sketches. I got this inspiration from many sources. The first source was a computer game called Hidden and Dangerous 2 where you play a mission to actually destroy the Battleship Tirpitz. Hidden and Dangerous and its sequel Hidden and Dangerous 2 along with its expansion The Sabre Squadron really had a big impact on my mind. I have been playing computer games since 1999 but never have I come across any game so engrossing and extraordinary, the tension which I felt while playing and the atmosphere almost made me feel like an elite SAS commando on a mission back in the war days. The next inspiration comes from Commando comics by D C Thompson and Company. This series of illustrated was story books really helped learn and paint this piece. I hope you like it.